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Sales l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Merchant & Partnership Acquisition

Merchants and third-party tie-ups might be part of your strategy as they provide value, relevancy, and motivation to your customers. Based on the strategy, we can define and identify the right merchants and/or partners that align to your brand, negotiate terms of inclusion, and support with onboarding.

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Merchant & Partner Management

Once a merchant network is onboarded, we maintain, manage and nurture the relationships to ensure their long-term success. We support in establishing robust operational processes, facilitate weekly status meetings and constantly explore strategic opportunities to align on both parties’ business objectives.

Sales l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Training & Onboarding

Having a successful merchant and/or partner network relies on each party having well-trained and knowledgeable staff. To achieve this, we create and deliver training guides, governance standards, operating procedures, and regular reporting.

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