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Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

By using data to understand who your customers are and what they really need, we can stimulate engagement, drive transactions and grow revenues. Data drives results, and so we make it the foundation of all our strategies. Data is often under-utilised and we aim to optimise this to ensure long-term success.

Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Marketing Plans

With over a decade of experience in planning marketing initiatives across the region, we understand market nuances and create plans that deliver results against your business objectives. We focus on digital-first for more accountability, quantitative analysis, and KPI-driven ROI.

Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Lifecycle Marketing

Understanding who your customers are and how and when they interact with your business is key to successful lifecycle marketing. We create detailed marketing plans that use evolving customer data to deliver personalised, relevant content that resonates with the target audience.


Content Production Management

We can support with all your marketing needs from branding, graphic design, motion design, infographics, photography, videography and more.

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